Video Script – Overview  (11 mins)

For those of you who prefer to read to watching videos or listening, we’ve put together the text script for each video below: 

As we sit here in 2023, the outlook for the Climate Crisis is bleak…we are in a Code Red Climate Emergency.

But I’d like to share with you a wildly audacious plan based on collaborations that might turn things around this decade and you can be a Climate Hero that helps make it happen at no cost to you.

The scientists are telling us we are on track for a 2.7 degree world. They tell us we need to stay under 1.5C to avert the worst of it.

Today we still have the opportunity to reduce the risk of hitting cascading tipping points that could destabilise the climate that has enabled us and our fellow species to thrive over the past 10,000 years.

With the inaction and frustration of the past decades and the lack of ambition from governments around the world committing to Net Zero by 2050 or even later, it’s easy to be despondent.

But with ingenuity and collaboration we want to share with you, how together as one we can rewrite the end of this story that will no doubt play out this decade.

The scientists are telling us that we have less than 7 years to hit Net Zero and keep 1.5 alive.

Please give me another 9 minutes of your life to share a story with you. A story of how you and thousands like you, might just be the Climate Heroes that create the social tipping point that alters the course for humankind and the other species we share this miraculous planet with.

Chances are you’ve been invited to watch this video by a trusted friend. So please only watch this when you have the time to give it the attention they’ve asked of you.

We , at the Climate Solutions Alliance and its parent company Climateers Pty Ltd have a very bold and ambitious Climate Crisis Blueprint plan.

By the end of this video you can judge for yourself whether our audacious step-by-step plan might just work and how you can personally benefit as a Founding supporter for helping kickstart it today.

Malcolm Gladwell is a New York Journalist who studied the phenomena of what makes ‘thing’s hit a tipping point…. where word-of-mouth creates exponential growth like a virus spreading contagiously. His book The Tipping Point outlines the key ingredients and how if just one is missing , things don’t fly, but if they are all present ..KABOOM exponential growth . After living through COVID we better understand the power of contagions.

We also know how collective efforts can flatten a curve.

Let me share with you how we plan to create a wave of good that not only flattens the Greenhouse Gas curve but also creates an exponential wave of healing and regeneration for our natural world and our global society.

It starts today, and ground zero is you and the others who see this in the early days of our launch. The question is will you be part of helping us hit that societal tipping point to create a better world ….or not.

Our story follows the same storyline as so many of the great adventure stories like Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Wizard of Oz and even the Greek myths. Joseph Campbell identified the common storyline of the monomyth and called it the Heros Journey.

In our story, its not one hero like Luke Skywalker, its thousands of heroes becoming millions all working as one towards the one goal of ending the climate crisis and keeping 1.5 alive in this crucial decade of the 2020s so that together we co-create a happy ending.

In the hero’s journey storyline, the hero is called to action, they initially refuse the call but in the end take it up. They leave their ordinary world and cross the threshold into the unknown where they meet a mentor where they learn to use their skills and passions to overcome the challenges thrown at them until they win… so they can then return home and turn their ordinary world into an even better one.

 Today is your call to action, whether you accept it today is up to you.

If you do seize it today, you could make climate crisis history as a Climateer…one 10,000s of Founding Supporters who create the tipping point that rewrites humankinds future.

So how does the Blueprint work and what creates the change.

The key to our story are the existing and emerging climate heroes who are already working (albeit with often fragmented efforts) to implement the climate solutions that need to be scaled massively and urgently to reach Net Zero.

There are already millions of businesses, non profits and other organizations working on solutions ranging from tackling food waste to deploying energy storage solutions or regenerative agriculture to heal our soils and create food system security.

If we are to leave code red, we need 100s of these solutions scaled by 100s of organizations in 100s of regions around the world.

And that’s our help a million businesses and non profits scale their solutions urgently in communities around the world.

Our plan helps empower them to win, and to win at a larger scale and with more ambition than even they thought possible.

We help inspire and empower them to do so within the next 5 years through collaborations and access to the talent, finance., market intelligence and strategic planning they need to succeed.

So here is how the step by step plan works

The Climate Solutions Alliance is a launch campaign to use word of mouth to help onboard hundreds of thousands of businesses, non profits and other Climate solutions organizations and provide them with the tools and systems to make winning easier.

It’s the ultimate ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign where people like you buy a $50 Australian package (approx $35 USD or Euros) and give it to the Climate Solutions Organizations willing to accept the gift of our tools and systems at no cost to them

The first 100,000 packages sold and paid forward are issued with shares in the parent company Climateers Pty Ltd via our Crowd equity funding campaign..

The funds raised (which are capped at $5 million Australian) catalyse the enhancement of our community ecosystems platform and our growth plan to build the world’s first learning, meeting and marketplace for Climate Solutionists…or as we like to call them Climateers

We provide the climate businesses the tools and systems to help them succeed

  1. A premium listing on our network of local and topic-based directories at where they can gain brand exposure to attract the finance, talent suppliers, customers, and stakeholder support they need to maximise their success
  2. A community collaboration space on our network where they can gather and build a tribe of supporters and resources to help them thrive.
  3. The tools, systems and learning resources to help them dream big and create their own step-by-step 5 year plan. In this plan they get to imagine their contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and to create other societal benefits that help create a better world due to their efforts. Our Action Summits workshops then leverage the wisdom of the crowd to augment that initial strategic plan and to help them identify their needs and offerings to maximise success. At the same time building teams of champions engaged to help them win quickly.


Our matchmaking platform takes this information of needs and offers and provides the introductions to create the collaborations to catalyse success..

All they need to do is to decide to accept the $50 pay it forward gift and use the tools and systems.

They can then also purchase packages and pay them forward to others in  their networks so we accelerate the success of each climate solutions community ecosystem whether it be Food Waste in Sweden or Energy Storage in Bangladesh

We also have local and category sponsorship packages to provide exposure for purpose and values aligned businesses.

And that’s how we create the tipping point…we finance and build a network of distributed local and solutions-based community ecosystems with the businesses, non profits, venture finance companies, recruitment firms and research institutes all working together symbiotically to thrive with their optimised strategic plans and newly created networked collaborative relationships.

Just like the 3 Muskateers, everyone joining as a Climateer will be working as one… for all and all working together with the one singular goal of ending the climate crisis and keeping 1.5 alive by being in good shape in 2028 with successful 5 year plans that collectively help deliver a rapid and just transition to a world of regeneration and healing.

So today you have a choice, you can either

  1. Ignore this and go about your Business As Usual as our world is on a path to a 2.7 degree world
  2. You can join for free as an Alliance member and spread the word and tell your friends and the Climate Solutions Businesses and Non profits in your network
  3. Or you can accept the Call to Action today and go down in climate history as a Founding Climateer by purchasing one or more shares in our Crowd equity funding campaign.

Then use your own networks or we can help to decide which business or non-profit you would like to approach to gift your pay it forward package so they become Founding organizations at no cost

After you’ve taken action we encourage you to then share it with your friends to spread the word.

We also encourage you to come hang out with like-minded purpose-driven Climateers and forge new friendships and community as we work together as one to rewrite the ending of the story of the climate crisis of the 2020s so that future generations are proud of you having taken a stand and answered the call to become a Climateer Climate Hero….. and in so doing enjoy your own heroes journey where you get to leverage your skills, passions and networks to create a future of hope, action, collaboration and community.

Thank you for your time. Let’s Do This NOW