Job seekers, Consultants and Volunteers:

We are hiring…but with a difference!

We have a number of ‘sweat equity’ part time roles available if you want to lean into the climate crisis and leverage your skills and passions.

We need YOU

We are building a ‘dream team’ of passionate Climate Enthusiasts wanting to lean into the Climate Crisis and leverage their skills and passion to create systemic change.

If you have 4 hours a week spare, we might have a role that is just right for you.


40% of company on offer

By investing your time, you can own a share of the company. 40% of our share capital is on offer through our ESOP.

We also have volunteer roles if you’d prefer a more casual way of being part of our citizen-led efforts to rewrite the end of the Climate Crisis story in as little as 8 short years.

Help us create a social tipping point to try reduce the risk of hitting cascading Climate Tipping Points.

What will your answer be…

when your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews ask what that you were doing when the Climate Crisis of the 2020’s unfolded?


Help catalyse the implementation and growth of more than 300 Climate Solutions globally, as our community collaboration systems empower Businesses and Non Profits tackling these solutions.

We start with Food Waste and then Energy Storage in 100s of local communities around the world.

 Maximise your impact and opportunity

Invest your time and own shares in our company

We are starting with Food Waste in Victoria, and have diverse opportunities.

In particular we are looking for the creatives with the communication skills to help us develop cut through messaging around our powerful business model.

Our Structure and Position Opportunities

We are building a network of Climate Solutions Ecosystems and Local Ecosystems and are looking for people to meet and greet visitors and volunteers for the Spaces and LinkedIn and Facebook groups we will be setting up for Ecosystems such as Food Waste Climateers and Sweden Climateers.

We also have roles to help support and grow our product sets and to faciliate the success of the Climate Solutions Businesses and Non-Profits we are in business to serve.


We are setting up our organization with 9 departments and many roles within each department.

Our Leadership Team will comprise our co-founders and our new Head of Department recruits, all working 6-10 hours a week to drive the change needed to increase the speed and scale of  Climate Solutions implementation