Seize the Climate Crisis Opportunity

Own a share of Climateers – a Global Climate Solutions business

Highly scalable. Multiple streams of revenue.

Angel Pre-seed Round

We are currently seeking angel investment with a highly innovative convertible note offer.


Crowd Equity Funding campaign

After validating traction with our pilot launches of Food Waste in Victoria and San Diego we will be expanding to energy storage and seaweed.

We will then launch our network for everyone to join free and help crowdsource adding organisations to our network with our ‘My Climate Heroes’ and ‘Climate Solutions Alliance’ campaigns.

Then in early 2024 we will open the gates with our innovative crowd equity campaignw here we bundle shares with advertsing credits.


Help us create a Social Tipping Point to reduce the risk of hitting cascading Climate Tipping Points.

What will your answer be…

when your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews ask what did you do, when the Climate Crisis of the 2020’s unfolded?

 Help speed up the implementation of more than 300 Climate Solutions globally, as our community collaboration systems empower Businesses and Non Profits tackling these solutions.

We start with Food Waste and then Energy Storage in 100s of local communities around the world.

The following video was prepared to explain the opportunity we will offer in early 2024 with our crowd equity funding campaign.

Maximise your impact and opportunity

Invest your time or money and own shares in our company

We have also have hundreds of part time sweat equity roles

We are now hiring and assembling a ‘dream team’ of talent and purpose with 40% of the company on offer through our Employee Share Option Plan.

Business Model

We are platform business that acts as an intermediary, connecting stakeholders in climate solutions ecosystems for more than 300 solutions and 500 regions.

Each ecosystem creates value for our stakeholders and in the process helps flatten the greenhouse gas curve and generates multiple streams of revenue including annual membership fees, sponsorships and premium learning, meeting and marketplace services.

Revenue Model

Climateers is building a  global network of directories and collaboration spaces for all things climate, locally and globally.

Step by step we’re building a global network of 10,000s of local climate solutions ecosystems where we bring all the stakeholders together to solve a local issue like Food Waste in Victoria (our pilot ecosystem).

Our platform connects people and organisations with opportunity, as we transition to a post fossil fuel world. It also faciliates collaboration.

Initially, we make money as a targeted advertising network. The same model used by Google and Facebook who generated targeted traffic by solving search and social. No-one has yet become the go to place for all things climate, locally and globally.

Our network will make it easy for advertisers to reach their climate audience, like people and organisations in Victoria interested in reducing Food Waste.

As we gain momentum and launch our other offerings, as an intermediary, we will add multiple streams of additional revenue beyomnd network advertising.