About Us

who we are

We are a team of staff and volunteers who leverage their skills and passions to rewrite the end of the Climate Crisis story.

Climateers was founded in February 2023 and is building the teams to:

  • help clear the path for people and organisations to take effective climate journey
  • bring together the stakeholders to solve local climate solutions like Food Waste in Victoria (our pilot launch)

We do this with our network of directories and collaboration spaces and our Climate Action SPAN plan system that helps people leverage their Skills, Pasions, Assets and Networks to unlock opportunity and create impact.

Our mission

To rewrite the end of the climate crisis story by 2030.

Our vision

A regenerating world where we thrive and society and nature are healing.

Our story - Our 'who'

People and organisations like you who want to lean in and help protect future life on earth.

Meet the Co-founders

Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson


I’m living my Ikigai as a Climate ‘Solutionist’, Innovation Professional¬† and Chemical Engineer with a passion for solving complex problems to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable and regenerative society.

Melanie lewis

Melanie lewis

Head of Strategy

Committed to social innovation, community engagement, and development of entrepreneurial mindsets for the next generation to lead us into systemic change for a healthier world. PhD- accelerating a response to climate change through entrepreneurship

Kylie Nicol

Kylie Nicol

Head of Staff Engagement

An experienced Manager of business and Leader of people, I pride myself on building strong partnerships across all levels of business, from colleagues through to board members. 

Amelie Catheline

Amelie Catheline

CEO Food Waste

Sustainability Advisor originally from France where I obtained my PhD and Chemical Engineering degree prior to migrating to San Diego. I am passionate about Nature and the environment, and more specifically about water and food. 

Like to join the team?

We are looking to assemble a ‘dream team’ of passionate, purpose-driven and values-aligned people from around the world to establish a dynamic and agile organization working with speed and agility to help rewrite the end of the Climate Crisis story.

We have roles ranging from Advisory Board, to Leadership roles to Hosts of our groups and spaces for Climate Solutions and Regions. 40% of the company equity has been set aside for our Employee Share Option Program (ESOP). We currently have vacancies in all of our departments.