Climate Solutions

Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations:

We are in business to help you succeed.

We’re starting with Food Waste In Victoria

Our MVP (minimum viable product) platform is almost complete.

Our network of Collaboration Spaces are live.

We will start beta testing things with the Food Waste community in Victoria Australia and then expand to San Diego before a global rollout to share best practice food waste solutions and learnings.

We help you…

  • Connect and collaborate with people and organizations in your Climate Solution Ecosystem both locally and globally
  • Boost your exposure so you have more suppliers, customers and supporters helping you succeed
  • Get access to the talent and finance to catalyse your success

You’ll also be helping us create a Social Tipping Point to catalyse all Climate Solutions so that collectively we can reduce the risk of hitting cascading Climate Tipping Points.

You’re already doing your bit for planet and people but why not also be able to tell your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews what else you did to help rewrite the ending of the Climate Crisis story.

 Your support today will help us to catalyse your success and the success of your sector.

It will also support the implementation and growth of more than 300 Climate Solutions globally, as our community collaboration systems empower Businesses and Non Profits tackling these solutions.

We start with Food Waste and then Seaweed and Energy Storage in 100s of local communities around the world.

By exploring our launch website you can find other information about the products, tools and systems we provide you in our Founders Packages.

Find out more about our Climate Crisis Blueprints and how we will be supporting the success of your organization and others tackling your Climate Solution. Here is Food Waste as an example. 

We have also have hundreds of part time sweat equity roles

Maximise your impact and opportunity

We are now hiring and assembling a ‘dream team’ of talent and purpose with 40% of the company on offer through our Employee Share Option Plan.

Business Model

We are platform business that acts as an intermediary, connecting stakeholders in climate solutions ecosystems for more than 300 solutions and 500 regions.

Each ecosystem creates value for our stakeholders and in the process helps flatten the greenhouse gas curve and generates multiple streams of revenue including annual membership fees, sponsorships and premium learning, meeting and marketplace services.

Climateers will offer organisations targeted advertising on our network so they can reach local and global climate audiences, like Food Waste in Victoria.

Products & Investor Revenue

Our products are listed on the home page of our launch site, and also in the launch site’s navigation menu so you can learn about how our products, tools and services can help you. Detailed listings on our directories will always be free.

In early 2024 we launch our Crowd Equity Funding campaign and will offer premium subscriptions and sponsorship packages bundled with shares in the company, so that organisations can jump up the listings on our Climate Directories above the free members and get exposure in our Collaboration Spaces.

Prior to this we are doing pre-seed funding round  for Angel Investors.