Our Business Model and Revenue streams

Our Business Model and Revenue Streams

We are using a ‘freemium’ model and until we’ve gathered momentum will be free. In early 2024 we will open our crowd equity funding campaign and will start to sell shares bundled with advertising credits.

Initially, we make money as a targeted advertising network. The same model used by Google and Facebook who generated targeted traffic by solving search and social.

No-one has yet become the go to place for all things climate, locally and globally.

Our network will make it easy for advertisers to reach their climate audience, like people and organisations in Victoria interested in reducing Food Waste.

Later we will expand our revenue model as a trusted intermediary for all things climate locally and globally. At this point we will leverage proven business models like:

Search and Browse Organizations

Like Google and Yellow Pages we make it easy for people and businesses to find what the organizations the want with our directories.


  • Annual membership fees for premium listings (free for basic)
  • Sponsorship advertising for increased exposure

Search and Browse Products

Like Alibaba and eBay we make it easy to find products and services.


  • Premium fees for extended product catalogues
  • Premium access to Request For Quotation leads

Connect, Network and Collaborate

Like LinkedIn and Trade Associations we make it easy to make friends and create business connections and share relevant industry content.


  • Premium advertising
  • Other business service offerings

Talent services

Like LinkedIn we make it easy to find work. Like Upwork we make it easy to find freelancers


  • Premium job and volunteer position advertising
  • Freelancer gig commissions and advertising fees


Like Coursera and Udemy we make it easy to learn and build the skills necessary for the transition to a new economy.


  • Premium course fees
  • Premium events fees
  • Commissions on third party learning content


Like Venture Capital and Angel Investor networks we will provide an innovative range of venture finance products


  • Commissions on deals
  • Commissions on funds invested
  • Capital growth on equity deals

Market intelligence

Like Ibisworld and Pitchbook we make it easy to find quality data to inform business decisions and investments


  • Premium reports access
  • Premium data access


We will link to the best accelators like Ycombinator and Startmate and offer similar products and services to Climate Solutions niches


  • Equity capital growth
  • Program fees

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions

Our matchmaking service will help business customers find solutions and people and organizations get their own customn climate crisis blueprint.


  • Premium matchmaking and solutions services