Video Script – Investors / Founders Packages   (2mins 45s)

For those of you who prefer to read to watching videos or listening, we’ve put together the text script for each video below: 

Many experts agree the 2020s are going to be a pivotal decade that shapes the future of all life on earth. The doomsdayers are saying it’s already game over and our code red climate emergency will lead us to extinction.

But there are those who see opportunity…an incredible opportunity, to transition the world into a regenerative future of hope, action, collaboration and community.
As with all disruptive transitions like the birth of the Internet and smartphones, there will be fortunes made by those creating the value.

But you don’t have to invent some miraculous Climate Solution to profit and feel good about doing your bit for this amazing planet and all its species.

During the gold rushes it was the store owners selling the picks, shovels and levi jeans that were the winners. Digital Platforms are a proven winning business model. They have fuelled the success of most of the wealthy elite and VC firms. Google, eBay, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook, all became the platform winners, the household names in their chosen area.

Who is going to be the winner in what many forecast as a multi trillion dollar industry this decade as finance and talent flood into the Climate sector as this megatrend of the transition to a post fossil fuel world takes place.

What brand comes to mind as the category dominator for Climate Solutions…hmmm…The position is vacant… and you could be in on the ground floor as one of the founding shareholder of a venture having a go at that.

What if this time though…the wealth from the value created doesn’t sit in the pockets of the elite but rather is distributed out to the people and businesses like you who fast-track the transition to a better world.

The Climate Heros who help massively scale Climate Solutions throughout communities around the worldFood Waste, Energy Storage, Regenerative Agriculture, Electric cars and trucks, Grid scale decarbonisation, Rewilding…the list goes on

Becoming a founding supporter of the Climate Solution Alliance makes you a shareholder of what might just be the company that becomes the Climate Solutions household name … Climateers – the climate heroes around the world working as one leveraging the power of collaboration and community to rewrite the Climate Crisis story.

For as little as $A100 Australian dollars (that’s about 70 euro or usd) or multiples thereof, you can be one of less than 10,000 shareholders who launch us with our boldly ambitious Climate Crisis Blueprint Plan to create a better world for all.

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