Video Script – Introduction  (80 s)

For those of you who prefer to read to watching videos or listening, we’ve put together the text script for each video below: 

Discover how our Climate Crisis Blueprint plan might just solve the Climate Crisis in 8 short years.

Be a Climate Hero that helps start the societal tipping point that rewrites how the Climate Crisis story ends.

Be a Climateer – a person or organization working to leverage their skills, knowledge, passions and networks to solve the Climate Crisis.

Like the Three Musketeers –One for All and All for One.

Individuals coming together for one goal – to keep 1.5C alive.

So what’s the plan?

Climate Solutions Alliance is our launch campaign where you can join free or own a share of our company and ‘Pay Forward’ the tools and systems to Climate Solutions Businesses and Non Profits so they succeed

Help them:

  • Find the suppliers and customers they need to win with our Directories
  • Build a tribe of supporters championing their efforts with our Community Spaces
  • Scale and work smart with our ‘ecosystem design thinking’ systems to maximise their impact
  • Forge the collaborations that dramatically scale their success


Find out more and join us today as we build the world’s first learning, meeting and marketplace for Climate solutions.