Video Script – Blueprint Plan  (12m55)

For those of you who prefer to read to watching videos or listening, we’ve put together the text script for each video below: 

Our Climate Crisis Blueprint is a scalable step-by-step plan to accelerate the implementation of Climate Solutions in communities around the world.

If we are to achieve our big bold plan for Net Zero by 2030, we need to urgently deploy more than 300 Climate Solutions in more than 500 regions around the world…
That’s more than 150,000 local climate solutions ecosystems like Food Waste Victoria.

For each of these we are creating and nurturing Stakeholder Ecosystems where the Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Departments, Researchers and other stakeholders can learn, meet, collaborate and take action symbiotically so they all thrive.

To rewrite the end of the climate crisis story we need hundreds of Climateers in each of those Local Solutions Ecosystems working to help one another be inspired and empowered to raise ambition and succeed.

Our Climate Crisis Blueprint has 3 cornerstone strategies:
1. Our Products pathway
2. Our Investor pathway
3. Our Growth pathway


Climateers will be launching a series of products that support our aims of catalysing the success of our ecosystems stakeholders.

The key product sets are:
1. Directories
2. Collaboration Spaces
3. Our Talent zone to facilitate the volunteering and career shifts to drive the transition
4. Our Finance zone to facilitate the investment, philanthropy and other finance to provide the resources that catalyse the transition

We start with our Climate Directories where people can be inspired by discovering how many purpose-driven organizations already exist and are working to do their bit to solve the Climate Crisis.

The directories also provide the visibility and matchmaking systems to enable organizations to collaborate so they find the best suppliers, customers and other relationships they need to win.

We then provide the Collaboration Spaces where Climateers can gather, shares stories and experiences to get to know one another and take action together …all for one, and one for all.

These spaces also become the information hubs of resources and the online learning and training zones to support our stakeholders’ successes.

Our Talent product-set begins with our Climateers Recruitment Directory to onboard the recruitment firms working to place talent into the sector.

Then in time we extend that with job boards for both careers and volunteers, our Freelancers Marketplace and Virtual Assistant placement services.

We also direct people out to the best of the best talent websites that are already out ahead of us, helping to facilitate people changing careers into climate.

Our Finance product-set starts with Climate Crowd Equity Funding.Firstly to raise our own early stage finance and then we earn commission fees helping Climate Solutions Businesses raise the capital they need to underpin their success after we obtain our own Equity Funding licence.

We then have other ambitious and innovative products within the Finance set that will be revealed at a later date.

One of our core competitive advantages is our innovative approach to place the shareholdings of the parent company and its subsidiaries largely into the hands of our employees and small investors rather than take the traditional approach of heavily leaning on the private equity, venture capital and listed securities markets.

This helps distribute the value created into the hands of the Climateers that make it all happen. It also fast-tracks the development of our network of vested champions providing them that extra financial incentive to make our Climate Crisis Blueprint succeed.

We encourage them to bring their ideas to the table so that this initial plan is continuously improved and its ambition continuously raised.

Climateers is a global organization that is based in Australia and pays taxes in Australia.

We are structured as a parent company Climateers Pty Ltd, (which will later become an Ltd public company) and a network of subsidiary companies.

Typically each subsidiary company (like Food Waste Climateers) is 55% owned by the parent, 20% by employees and 25% by seed investors who supported the Crowd Equity Funding campaign that kickstarted that company.

Under Australian law and financial regulations, a Crowd Funding campaign can raise a maximum of A$5 million.

Typically upon closing out a Crowd Funding campaign each subsidiary will pay 60% of campaign proceeds as a licence fee for the infrastructure provided by the parent Climateers Pty Ltd.

A fully subscribed large campaign would result in a $3 million contribution to the parent. The remaining $2 million would support the business plan and resourcing for that subsidiary company which will trade independently as a business unit with its own Board of Directors and staff.

There will be annual licence fees, (capped to ensure a minimum return to shareholders) and the key revenue streams will be from annual membership fees, advertising and sponsorship fees and other premium offerings such as events.

So what are the investor pathway steps in the Climate Crisis Blueprint?

We begin with a crowd equity funding campaign for Climateers.

This is a two phase campaign. The first phase launches in late March where A$1 million of stock is available in $100 multiples with a share price of $1.00.

This is followed in May or June by phase 2 where $4 million of stock is released at a share price of $4.00, valuing the company at $40 million. This increase in valuation will be driven and dependent upon successful campaigns for Food Waste and Recruitment.

If fully subscribed the share distributions would be
• Founders and early stage investors and supporters 40%
• Crowd Equity investors 20%
• Employee Share option plan 40%

Prior to phase 2 there will be additional Crowd Equity Funding campaigns to launch Food Waste Climateers Pty Ltd and Climateers Recruitment Pty Ltd.

The Food Waste campaign will offer 20% of the company with our Pay It Forward Founders packages and sponsorships.

Unlike the Climateers campaign where sponsor businesses do not receive equity, they will for Food Waste Climateers, so that we more quickly closeout the $5 million campaign.

Sponsors will be able to gift their shares to the Climate Justice Foundation if they choose which becomes an additional revenue stream to fund microgrants in communities around the world.

The Climateers Recruitment launch is to build out our directory and network of recruitment firms around the world who place candidates into the Climate sector.

This strategy is to both catalyse the supply of talent into the sector and provide Climateers a wider pool of talented employees for its position vacancies.

After the successful completion of the two phases of the Climateers campaign and the Food Waste and Recruitment ones, the next campaign planned will be Energy Storage.

This will be followed by rolling launches to establish more than 200 subsidiary Climate solutions companies and more than 300 regional companies. A key strategy behind each of these launch campaigns is our Pay it Forward mechanism whereby investors gift a founders package and help us onboard and engage with the Climate Businesses and Non-Profits we are in business to serve.

If we can successfully execute this aspect of our bold plan and continue to find the financial support for each campaign launch, it puts Climateers in a strong position to be the first Climate Tech Unicorn where the vast majority of shares are held by the employees and small investors.

To provide an exit mechanism for our shareholders, the intention is to take the parent company to an IPO and to establish trading exchanges for each of the subsidiary companies.

If we succeed with this wildly ambitious Climate Crisis Blueprint and achieve our objective of listing Climateers at a ‘Unicorn’ valuation of A$1 Billion (US$700 million), then those $1 shares in our very first Crowd Equity campaign would be worth $100 each.



At Climateers we have 3 Key Objectives:

1. To solve the climate crisis by 2030 and hopefully avoid the planetary tipping points so we keep 1.5 C
2. To increase the shareholder value for our Employees, Founding Climateers and other shareholders by 100 fold by 2030.
3. To continuously raise ambition through disruptive ideation and our proprietary ‘Ecosystems Design Thinking Process’ where we start with a great idea like this initial Climate Crisis Blueprint and then use the talent of Climateers to make it even more powerful

Hopefully from explaining our Product and Investor pathways you now have a sense of the types of strategies we will use to grow the organizations and reach our Key Results from those 3 Key Objectives.

Let us now share with you more about how we plan to make that happen.

Our launch is planned for March 22nd at the Climate Investor Forum at the MCG in Melbourne where we have an exhibitor stand. Hopefully we will also be successful with our application to present from the stage our professionally produced launch video presentation ‘Hitting a social tipping point to avoid the planetary tipping points’ .

Just prior to the presentation, we will have opened the gates on our phase 1 crowd equity funding campaign for $1 million. At launch, Climateers will also be announcing position vacancies in our companies Climateers, Food Waste Climateers and Climateers Recruitment.

These will be one year contracts that will primarily be remunerated with share options. You can visit the Our Team tab under About on the website to see how we plan to structure the organization. You can then click through to the Position Descriptions and lodge an application. The vast majority of these roles will be 6-10 hours per week. This is a key strategy where we encourage our staff to work Climateers part-time as a side venture. Role responsibilities will include being the Manager for the volunteer teams we onboard under each section.

Our first phase of growth is about quickly accelerating our growth so we maintain a competitive edge. Our initial focus is to secure finance and talent. Then through our Pay it Forward strategy we onboard the Climate Solutions Businesses, Non-Profit and other Organizations we are in business to help succeed.
As the funding becomes available, our Information Technology team will be working to execute on extending our Climate Solutions platform with the goal of us growing to become the household name synonymous with Climate Solutions.

After the onboarding phase, we then start running our Action Summit workshops to help our stakeholders set their own 5 year Climate Crisis Blueprint plans so that by 2028 Climateers has played a meaningful role in taking us from code red and back into the green so that the prospect of a regenerative and thriving future awaits when we step into the 2030s.

If you’d like more details of how we grow a Local Solutions Ecosystem like Food Waste Victoria please watch that video or read its video script and then hit the button to explore the Food Waste Climateers website, our Collaboration Spaces and our MVP directory.