Our Brand

We are launching our organization under the name Climateers as a working name, but it may well change.

Now we could have sat around in meetings or employed teams of consultants but that’s not how we do things here. We know we need to move with urgency and ambition and that there are smarter expert minds that will help us find better options.

We decided Climateers was a good start for a Minimum Viable Brand as it could grab the attention at a glance of people interested in taking Climate Action and it implied it is about people…

  • People like the 3 Muskateers working one for all and all for one…the one goal of rewriting the end to the Climate Crisis story
  • People like Engineers building the systems, processes and platforms we need to get our work done
  • Pioneers who innovate and push the boundaries to create a better future
  • and lots of Volunteers leaning into their skills and passions to create purpose and meaningful action
  • and we understand the challenges we need to surmount as Mountaineers

As a launch brand, we liked the focus on inspiring and empowering people in our early stages of growth. Importantly we wanted to grab the attention of people concerned about Climate so that when they saw the word, they knew it was for them. We want to build a place where people feel they belong.

But is it strong enough and corporate enough to be the brand that drives the transition to a regenerative future?

We are not sure and there are alternatives. But at the end of the day like everything we do here, we are just seeding the process and want to attract the best minds and hearts to create the best outcomes.

That’s why we are running a branding competition so you can have your input and your say…so get your creative thinking hat on and you could win shares in company during the second phase of our Crowd Equity Funding campaign.

Other Options

Our initial name was Solutionists, focusing on our intent to support Businesses and Non Profits scale Climate Solutions at speed.


We are working to seed, nurture and scale our ecosystems so they thrive much like you’d do when you propagate plants.

A variation we considered was propagaters or propagateurs to get the focus back on the fact we are a people-centric organization not just a tech company or platform.

But there are probably lots of other great options. Names like nostra.earth  reinforce that ‘we are all in this together’ and Our Earth can regenerate and thrive and support not only humans but our fellow species we share this planet with.

Let’s not sweat it. A brand is important, but for launch it’s more important that we know who we are, what our values are and understand the urgency of our mission and get started…so for the moment we are: