Learn about Founders Packages and

our Crowd Equity Funding Campaign

What’s in a Founders package

Our founder packages are VIP packages to recognise the contribution of those people and organizations that TOOK ACTION to help start social tipping point of climate solutions global action.

It comprises the tools and systems to help Businesses and Non Profits tackling the Climate Crisis thrive.

Each package can either be:

  1. Bought by an individual and paid forward to a Business or Non Profit
  2. Bought directly by the organization

During out initial launch campaign that begins in April 2023, for the first 900 packages purchased for each A$1000 (approx. US$70) package includes:

  • Founding Member status for both the individual and the organization (including the recognition of a place in Climatew History  on the founders wall)
  • Premium VIP membership for life for access to premium Climateers Network content and special offers
  • 1000 shares in Climateers Pty Ltd for the purchaser
  • A directory listing on up to 5 of our Climate Directories for the organization
  • A Collaboration space for the organization to gather its tribe and catalyse collaboratiopns
  • Online learning and knowledge base systems
  • Other tools and systems to catalyse success and amplify and impact

and of course…Enjoy the ‘Feel Good Factor’ of taking meaningful action to help accelerate ambition and progress towards a Net Zero world.

If $1000 is outside your budget you can purchase shares in $100 tranches to receive 100 shares. These do not include a Founders Packjage to pay forward to Climate Solutions Businesses and Non Profit Organizations.

Please Note

  • you can buy shares and a package  as an organization and retain the package for your own use rather than pay it forward, alternative one of the team can buy it and pay it forward to their organization
  • you can buy multiple packages (to a maxium of 20) and retain the shares and pay forward to multiple organizations
  • if you’re busy we can do the legwork to pay forward your packages.

Owning shares in Climateers Pty Ltd

In late April – early May 2023, we will be launching its Crowd Equity Funding campaign in two phases.

We are currently closing out our pre-seed round. The initial launch will comprise an ‘Expression Of Interest’ campaign which will be followed up in late May with shares going on sale. This will be our seed round where shares will be $1.00 (10% of the company at a valuation A$10M valuation). They will be able to be purchased in either $100 amounts or $1000 amounts. Each $1000 purchase results in a bonus of a Founders package to pay forward to a Climate Solutions business or Non profit organization so they don’t need to pay for their first 12 months membership.

The Series A will be the second stage of this crowd equity campaign which is expected to take place in Q3 2023 at $4.00.

Our ultimate goal, is a series B IPO (initial Public Offering) to provide an exit strategy for our early stage investors and employees

So each $100 or $1000 investment will result in 100 0r 1000 shares respectively of the 10,000,000 shares that will end up on issue:

  • 20% for seed/series A investors
  • 40% of equity is allocated for our Employee Share Option Plan
  • 40% for founders and early stage investors/supporters).


Be a Climateers Shareholder

Each $1000 founders package includes the following products:


Our network of local and solutions-themed directories help gather the stakeholders in local solutions ecosystems such as Food Waste Victoria


Our collaboration spaces help organizations:

  • network
  • build a tribe
  • catalyse collaborations
  • inspire action

Learning + Info

Each space also acts as an online learning and events platform and knowledgebase for an organization and its teams to work smarter not harder.

Talent + Finance

Our jobs and investment platforms make it easier for organizations to find the talent and finance they need and for job seekers, volunteers and investors to find the opportunities they seek.

Founding Sponsors (Organizations)

Lifetime VIP founding membership with access to premium Climateers benefits PLUS brand exposure as a Founding Sponsor of both the Alliance and Climateers

Get exposure for your Business. We will list you on our directories to help you connect with  potential customers, suppliers and other ecosystem stakeholders.

Enhance your brand as progressive supporter of the environment and society. Add to your existing efforts to make meaningful contributions to environmental sustainability and the future of life on Earth.

Access Business growth tools. Our Learning, meeting and marketplace is packed full of tools to help you succeed.

PLEASE NOTE: Sponsorship packages do not include company equity (shares)