Our Climate Crisis Blueprint Plan

Our step-by-step Climate Crisis Blueprint Plan

Our step-by-step plan is designed to inspire and empower people and organizations around the world to raise ambition on Climate solutions implementation.

As John Doerr outlines in his Global Action Plan for solving the Climate Crisis…we need to do it with Speed and Scale.

Our Blueprint plan is more about scaling all solutions in as many regions of the world globally, rather than just focusing on the main objectives.

Our plan has been designed so that it is accessible for each and everyone of us to play a meaningful role whatever our skills, passions and networks we have.

It starts with people like YOU and US. Individually we are one, but collectively as one we can kickstart a Social Tipping Point that cascades into implementing solutions with speed and scale.

1. Kickstart Climateers (phase 1)

  • Launch advertising of position vacancies
  • Open Crowd Equity Funding and Pay It Forward campaigns
  • Launch Directory onboarding campaigns
  • Connectors, Influencers, Mavens campaign
  • Launch Create Your Climate Plan
  • PR campaign
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Onboard recruits and volunteers
  • Launch multilingual Climateers websites
  • Establish workflow and training systems

2. Food Waste Launch

  • Promote Food Waste position vacancies
  • Launch Food Waste Climateers Pty Ltd Crowd Equity Funding campaign
  • Expand Food Waste Directories and Spaces
  • Food Waste Sponsorship advertising campaigns
  • Launch Meet the Food Waste Climateers events
  • Run Food Waste Action Summit pilots
  • Run Food Waste Expos

3. Talent Launch

  • Launch Jobs and Volunteers Ad Boards
  • Launch Recruitment Directories
  • Launch Volunteering platform
  • Launch Job fairs events
  • Launch ClimateFreelancers.com
  • Launch ClimateVAs.com (Virtual Assistants website)
  • Launch Climate Career learning services

4. Seaweed & Energy Storage Launchs

  • Promote Seaweed and Energy Storage position vacancies
  • Launch Seaweed Climateers Pty Ltd and Energy Storage Climateers Pty Ltd Crowd Equity Funding campaign
  • Expand Seaweed and Energy Storage Directories and Spaces
  • Seawwed and Energy Storage Sponsorship advertising campaigns
  • Launch Meet the Seaweed and Energy Storage Climateers events
  • Run Seawwed and Energy Storage Action Summit pilots
  • Run Seaweed and Energy Storage Expos

5. Kickstart Climateers (phase 2)

  • Reopen Crowd Equity Funding campaign (phase 2 Series A)
  • PR campaigns
  • Connectors, Influencers, Mavens campaign (phase 2)
  • Launch Climate Justice Foundation
  • Expand Positions Vacant campaign
  • Expand Learning platform services

6. Other Solutions Launches

Expand rollouts adjusting to learnings from Food Waste and Energy Storage. Next solutions: Seaweed, Regenerative Agriculture and other Food System and Energy System solution clusters (eg Microgrids)

7. Finance Launch

Launch our range of Financial Services products as announced at Kickstart Climateers phase 2.

8. Global Growth Phase

Consolidation and growth phase

9. Initial Public Offering (IPO)

IF things go to plan, we would at stage 9 plan an Initial Public Offering so that investors and employees have exit strategies for their shareholdings in Climateers. We would then open the subsidiary companies via the NSX (Australian National Stock Exchange). It is anticipated we will be able to bypass a Series B funding round via Venture Capital and Private Equity pathways …but time will tell!

10. Big Innovations

This is where the really excisting things happen. By this time we should be starting to move from ‘Code Red’ towards the green. 

We have some big ideas for new software platforms ‘on the Commons’. We also anticipate there will be many new even better ideas that will come to light through our IdeasVault program and Action Summits that will propel us towards a regenerative future.